Praying, Mobilizing and Going to the Unreached


Praying, Mobilizing and Going to the Unreached

Meet *Maria- a woman of prayer. She joined a small group of YWAMers who regularly prayed together in her homeland of Colombia. For nine years she and the team prayed for those living in the 10/40 window. Maria learned that there were many Muslim nations that had no one to tell them about the love of Jesus. They had no scriptures in their languages either.

As she prayed the Lord directed her and three others to intercede for a specific Muslim country. Before long, the Lord spoke to Maria. “It is good that you pray. But now it’s time to go!” The other three felt this was for them as well. They sensed God leading them to take an exploratory trip to that country.

Steps of Faith

The four submitted their desire to their YWAM leaders. The leaders were pleased to hear about this plan. Next, they spoke to their church leaders, asking them to cover them in prayer.

Muslim nations are very far from Colombia. Their destination was almost halfway around the world. It cost a lot of money to go that far! The team sold their belongings. They made things they could sell to raise funds. They cooked delicious food and sold it to people in the church and on the YWAM base.

When they finally left for the Muslim nation they were excited! Yet they did not have all of the funds that they would need. It was a big step of faith.

Finding a Mentor

None of the team had ever been in a Muslim country before. They knew they had to do more research. There were important questions they needed to ask. By God’s grace, they learned of an American couple that had been living in their host country for some time.

Maria and the team asked this couple many serious questions. “What do you think of four new people like us being in this country? Is it a safe place for us? How much will it cost us to stay here if we come out long term? How would we cook and eat? How do we travel around the country?”

The experienced missionaries gave encouragement but also wisdom. It is a difficult choice to go long-term to the Muslim world. The team needed to hear from God.

Clarifying the Call

Their new mentors shared many things for the team to consider. They asked the four Latinos about their plans. “Why do you feel the Lord is calling you here?” “What do you want to do here?” There was a School of Strategic Missions in that country. Could the team assist that very fruitful training program?

In time the team found themselves asking serious questions. “Can we commit ourselves to this nation long-term?” “What do you specifically want us to do, Lord?”

Returning With a Clear Vision

After a fruitful time of traveling, praying and learning, the four returned home excited about what God was doing in that Muslim country. It had been an inspiring trip, and they wanted others in Colombia to share their love for the people. “You must pray about going out! The Lord is doing so much there. If God can make it possible for us to go, He can do the same for you. Ask if He is calling you!”

It was not enough for them to just challenge YWAMers. They arranged to speak with their home churches as well, encouraging them to show concern for the spiritual needs of that nation. The churches promised to pray.

Months later, Maria returned to the same Muslim country, bringing a short-term team along. The three who had been with her previously also joined. Some of these outreach team members stayed on to attend the School of Strategic Missions (SOSM) there on the field. In the next few years, four of these schools ran. The students planned projects and stayed in the country for a year-long internship.

There was so much to thank the Lord for! He was using Colombian YWAMers to mobilize many others.

Asking God Hard Questions

There were challenges for them as well. Even when returning to their home countries they had difficulties. Maria was robbed and suffered a difficult pregnancy. The other woman on the team also had things stolen from her. These were great losses. The two had to seek God. “Are you protecting us, Lord?”

In His faithfulness, the Lord told them that it is His work. He would defend the work… and protect the team as well.

Maria and her family are now living in a Muslim country. She is running the fourth Latino SOSM in that nation! She says “Everything is about Him. It’s His work and His purpose. Like many Latinos, we have the challenges of language, culture, finances, and church support.”

“We are here as a family. It is not without difficulties. But my husband and I just obey God and follow Him. Because when He calls us, He is faithful!

Mobilizers Play a Key Role

Maria is an amazing example of an intercessor who became a mobilizer. She later became a trainer and field worker as well. Some of the most fruitful people in God’s harvest field are not actually on the field. Mission mobilizers may or may not live among the unreached. They inspire others to give, pray, and go to the unreached in the nations! As Maria did, they lead short-term trips to learn, explore and pray.  Then they help launch a new team in an unreached area, even if they don’t go themselves. There is a great need for many more mobilizers for the ripe harvest fields.

Has the Lord put His love in your heart for unreached people? Be creative about telling others about these people and their spiritual needs.

Learn about them. Pray for them. Visit them, or live with them. But remember to actively invite others to love them as you do!

*Name has been changed.


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  1. kadondi tom mboya says:

    God is working Every day with frontier Missions Peoples, by Preaching the Gospel in a place where people did not know the word God , that has made many people within slums area to becoming near by God, this Happening when frontier mission have those Volunteer work for the Christ..

  2. Mugosa says:

    GOD plan is big just to say GOD bless your ministry everywhere around the world

  3. Pastor Nasir khurshid says:

    This is such a heart touching story, they were prayer warriors. Maria and Her friends. they always listen God. they not only listened God but also obeyed God, they take risks, face challenges, they did not took care of their belongings even they gave everything for Jesus. Sold out their belongings, this is true love to
    God and his people. May God raise this kind if Missionaries.

    • Jacob Sunday Adeyemi says:

      They both truly we’re courageous and determine to sign up for Jesus by selling all they have for the sake of the gospel. It’s a challenge to you and me to also do our part

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