Author: K. Sutter

Multiplying Disciples Among the Least, Last, and Lost

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If We Want Our Disciples to Surpass Us, What Happens?

When fellow workers in the harvest tell their amazing stories, it captures my attention. That’s what happened during a YWAM gathering in Asia. Coworkers from many continents sat shoulder to shoulder. We listened carefully as the host interviewed our friend. Interviewer: How did you get started with Disciple-Making Movements? “My native country is mostly Muslim. …


Even in Lockdown “I Was Hungry and You Fed Me”

The world is in crisis. While governments say lockdown, Jesus says, “look up.” “So when all these things begin to happen, stand and look up, for your salvation is near!” – Jesus (Luke 21:28) Look Up When we look up, Jesus shows us how to take kingdom-focused action. One of our African YWAM-FM leaders wrote:  …

taxi evangelism

Taxi Drivers Are Captive Audiences for the Gospel

Tim*, my husband, has plenty of taxi journeys here in Asia. He always tries to talk to the drivers about Jesus. I’ll tell you two stories out of so many. We were in a new nation with a new language. It was our first week, so we couldn’t yet speak the language. However, we knew …

nomadic people

Nomadic People Now on the Move with Jesus

An increase in terrorism in the region had kept Timon* from returning to the mission field for the past three years. Now he was going back. His flight was to leave Sunday afternoon. After a day of air travel, he would land in the capital city. He would reunite with friends from the nomadic, Muslim …


Healings and Hope in Dark Prisons and Refugee Camps

Traveling to Cambodia took many hours. I sat in economy class with my long legs pressed against the seat in front of me. When I showed up at the Multipliers Gathering and looked around at all the faces. I breathed in the air of contentment and thought to myself, “It was worth it. Thank You, …

Now Drop Your Excuses and Spread Good News

Now Drop Your Excuses and Spread Good News

Sometimes we must tell ourselves: “Drop your excuses and spread Good News. Now.” I just heard an incredible story from a friend who does. A few minutes ago I talked to John*. We spoke face to face, even though it was about 9 am for me and 9 pm for him. Thanks to Skype with …


Endurance to Reach the Summit: Tempted to Stop?

This afternoon I received a text from my son (who is now a father himself). I must share his text with you: Hey Dad, When I was a kid we used to go hiking a lot. Hiking with a kid isn’t always easy. Kids tend to complain some. And I remember whenever I got tired …


How Effective Partnership Leads to Eternal Impact

“Lord Jesus, if just one person opens his or her heart to You this afternoon, it would be more than worth the work we are putting into this training event.” This was my prayer as I finished the set-up of the meeting room. Yet, even if no one responded to the Gospel, I could accomplish …

dying baby

Is There Good News for a Suffering Mother and Dying Baby?

If we love Jesus, we will obey His commands. At least that’s what He said—that’s what He expects. Making it super-simple to understand, He summed it up for us into just one command. Love God with all we are and love our neighbors as ourselves. What happens when His disciples take the Great Commandment literally? …

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