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Multiplying Disciples Among the Least, Last, and Lost


Caribbean Lady With A Fearless Heart

What is your attitude toward the supernatural? Have you ever cooperated with God to cast out evil spirits? Or been part of setting people free from oppression? One young woman had the faith and boldness to believe the Lord and His Word. When encountering evil, she was fearless. She did not shrink back. The courageous …

everyone not some

A Crazy Man Becomes a House Church Elder

We were running regular training around South Asia.  Many people attended, but some were serious about taking action to apply what was taught.  One such man was named Paresh*. In the training, he learned that we should share the gospel with everyone, not only some people.  You never know who God is going to touch.  …

Movie making

Making a Movie that Sparks a Movement

A film team arrived in the outer villages of major city in India. There they searched for local actors and cultural advisors. Working together with the Banjara people they crafted a story, a script for a movie. In time, their film TRANSFORMATION would live up to its name—in ways they could not have imagined.  A strategically …

Even in Lockdown “I Was Hungry and You Fed Me”

The world is in crisis. While governments say lockdown, Jesus says, “look up.” “So when all these things begin to happen, stand and look up, for your salvation is near!” – Jesus (Luke 21:28) Look Up When we look up, Jesus shows us how to take kingdom-focused action. One of our African YWAM-FM leaders wrote:  …

Indian girl

What Happens When a Young Indian Girl is Abused?

East India is vast, both by territory and population. The majority of its residents are Hindus. This story is about a young girl grew who grew up in a Hindu home. She was passed from family to family and had little stability. Sadly her birth parents died when she was very young. Death Leads to …

taxi evangelism

Taxi Drivers Are Captive Audiences for the Gospel

Tim*, my husband, has plenty of taxi journeys here in Asia. He always tries to talk to the drivers about Jesus. I’ll tell you two stories out of so many. We were in a new nation with a new language. It was our first week, so we couldn’t yet speak the language. However, we knew …


Persecuted, Simon Forgave and Prayed For a Sick Girl

Persecution of new Jesus followers is common. Don’t give up hope. One day things could turn around as they did for a young man named Simon.* This is the story of a young man born into a Muslim family. He was a good and faithful follower of Allah. In time, the young man, who we …


Healings and Hope in Dark Prisons and Refugee Camps

Traveling to Cambodia took many hours. I sat in economy class with my long legs pressed against the seat in front of me. When I showed up at the Multipliers Gathering and looked around at all the faces. I breathed in the air of contentment and thought to myself, “It was worth it. Thank You, …

Now Drop Your Excuses and Spread Good News

Now Drop Your Excuses and Spread Good News

Sometimes we must tell ourselves: “Drop your excuses and spread Good News. Now.” I just heard an incredible story from a friend who does. A few minutes ago I talked to John*. We spoke face to face, even though it was about 9 am for me and 9 pm for him. Thanks to Skype with …

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