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Multiplying Disciples Among the Least, Last, and Lost

wells africa

The Desperate Prayer of a Tribal Woman Was Powerful…and the Heavens Gave Rain

When I first visited this arid West African country, a small YWAM team had already worked there for several years. I came with friends from my home church in California. It was another step in preparing a new team to come help with the work. We were all inspired by the progress we saw. God’s …


3 Mullahs Meet Jesus

Our friend is a Muslim background believer. He has a vision for a Disciple-Making Movement in his nation. We’ll call him Paul*. Facebook Fruit? One of the ways he reaches people is through a Facebook page. One day, he met a man from the southern part of his country. First, he talked to through messenger, …


A Desperate Family and a Terrible Curse

Tragedy struck this family again and again. Being low caste, their lives were already hard. This situation, however, was unusual. Over a period of five years, three of their children died. It was the same case every year. The oldest was a daughter. She suddenly fainted, went limp, and died within a few days. The …


When the One Baptizing is Just a Young Girl

Serving the Lord can be an amazing privilege. And yet if we are honest, it can sometimes also feel like a burden. In all churches and Christian communities, we have beliefs and traditions about who can minister… and how! Here is a very recent story about a teenage girl from Nepal. A Natural Evangelist Sashi* …

Bible Storying

What Happens When the Word of God Bursts Into Angolan Hearts?

In 2011 The Word of God exploded across Angola through a Bible storying project. A couple named Daniel and Marcia from YWAM Angola were asked to supervise the 3-year initial process of getting God’s word into new languages. Stories of God’s Creation, Old Testament adventures, the life and mission of Jesus, and the hope of …

the veiled

Is There a Small But Strong Beginning Among the Veiled?

The Arabian Peninsula is known for its riches from the oil industry. For some people in this region however, there is hunger and underdevelopment. They have a very short life expectancy as well. Rich Yet Poor Of the Arab nations, Yemen is the poorest. Education and health care are distributed inadequately, and at a low …

where to baptize

Where Do You Baptize When All You Have is an Irrigation Channel?

Jesus commanded us in Matthew 28:18-20 to go and make disciples of all nations. He then said to “baptize them in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit”, and teach them to obey His commands. As YWAM Frontier Missions staff enter new communities they face challenges. It just isn’t the same as in …

central asia

Dreams Come True – a Story of Central Asia

Central Asia: hard ground for the gospel? Not when God shows up! The historic Silk Roads, crossing Asia and beyond, are rich in stories of adventure. The routes pass through places that are considered to be among the great wonders of the world. You might say they are “the kind of places that dreams are …

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