3 Mullahs Meet Jesus


3 Mullahs Meet Jesus

Our friend is a Muslim background believer. He has a vision for a Disciple-Making Movement in his nation. We’ll call him Paul*.

Facebook Fruit?

One of the ways he reaches people is through a Facebook page. One day, he met a man from the southern part of his country. First, he talked to through messenger, and then on the phone.

The man was a mullah (teacher) at a mosque. He told Paul that he had read the Quran, but there was nothing about forgiveness and salvation there. He asked Paul about salvation in Christianity.

After a few months of talking, he said he knew that the Injil (the gospel of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) was true. Salvation was to be found in Isa al Massih (Muslim word for Jesus the Messiah). He wanted to be baptized.

He started talking to his wife, family, and friends right away. Paul wanted everyone to know about salvation in Isa al Massih. A year later, his wife was ready to be baptized with another friend.

The second friend is also a Mullah whose wife has also believed. Now there is a Jamaat (fellowship) in that part of the country! As Imams, they have real influence in their communities.

Please pray for mullahs. Many of them are truly seeking the Lord. That’s why they are mullahs. Pray that they would have the boldness to bring the good news of salvation to their mosques.

Hussein – Former Special Forces Guard

Here is another story where this seems to be happening!

Hussein* is a guard. He is a tough guy who used to be in the special forces of his county. James* lives on the street where he’s a guard, and started greeting him whenever he walked past.

One day, James started to talk about Jesus. Hussein’s response astonished him. Hussein said, “I love Jesus!” As the conversation went on, he explained an interesting fact. His mullah, in a small town in the neighboring province, had a book about Jesus. He would tell the people in the mosque the stories about him.

When he heard these stories, Hussein would cry. Excited to see his interest, James gave him an SD card with the Jesus film on it. Hussein watched this film many times. He then decided to send the film to the Imam.

A few weeks later Hussein was upset. The SD card was doing the rounds in his town and they were refusing to send it back. Hussein wanted to watch the film again!

There was an easy solution to this problem. James gave Hussein another SD card with the film on it. Now, it is months later and he is still watching the film every evening.

He hasn’t quite understood that Jesus isn’t just a prophet of Islam. A full understanding of the significance of Jesus’ death on the cross, is also still coming. His Mullah is definitely having an influence, though, and many are watching the film. We hope this Imam will come into the city to meet a believer who can more fully explain the gospel.

Divine Appointment in a Park

Abdul* is a Mullah from a village near our city. He teaches Quran in the madrassa in his village, and also teaches the boys to read. There is no school in the village.

This leader came to our town. His wife was about to have a baby and needed to go to the hospital. While he was waiting in the town, he met a YWAMer. Sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading, James felt to sit next to him on a bench in the park and talk to him.

Abdul had been a commander in the special forces in his nation but had now become a mullah. When James started to explain the gospel, tears filled Abdul’s eyes.

He explained. “I have been looking for an Injil (NT) for 5 years.

James had a gospel of Luke in his pocket which he happily gave him. Abdul was very happy to receive it. He kissed it and then put it in his pocket. A little later he said, ”Don’t you have the big book (full Injil)?”

James said he’d give it to him the next time they met. After talking a bit more, and exchanging phone numbers, James cycled back home. On the way, he strongly felt that he should give Abdul a New Testament straight away.

He got a copy from home and cycled back to where he’d left Abdul. Abdul was busy reading Luke and even quoted a part that he liked!

A few days later, he’d read all of Luke and started Matthew. He was already calling Jesus ‘the Savior” and understood that he was a sacrifice for our sins. Will Abdul be a Person of Peace who leads a Disciple-Making Movement?

Would you take a moment to pray with us for this, and for these three men?

*These stories took place in two Muslim majority countries in Asia. These places have historically been very resistant to the gospel. To protect those involved, names have been changed.


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  1. Mark Kordic says:

    Praise God for revealing Himself to thousands daily!

  2. Sanduni says:

    I will pray for those 3 teachers. God works in them.They will know the way of righteouness and love of god….

  3. Ralph Ahumah says:

    To God be the Glory. May His Marvelous light continue to shine to those in darkness.

  4. Kanena says:

    Glory be to God may the lord continue to prove his words.

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