Full Nets

…they caught such a large number of fish that their nets began to break.

Luke 5:6

On June 22nd and 23rd about 750 people from all over the world gathered online for the Full Nets conference. It was a wonderful time full of vision and stories about how God is working among the unreached. We hope you were blessed, encouraged and challenged as much as we are!

Now it’s time to take the next step and respond to what God is saying you. Below are ways to connect and get involved in the various circles, clusters or global equip ministries.


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This worldwide circle exists to service YWAM FM members who are involved in equipping workers for the harvest through both short and longer-term training seminars and schools. It is a learning community committed to serving the lost by raising new generations of harvest workers equipped with movement making skills, with excellent biblical and contextual foundations.

YWAM-FM is making disciples among unreached peoples throughout the world. Take a look at the list below and discover ways to get more involved in your part of the world.

Asia and Pacific

South East Asia / Australia
This five-nation region is densely populated, with the 4th most populated nation and a diversity of culture and religion. Many of the worlds’ unreached live in SE Asia. Frontier Missions S.E. Asia is ready to help you, or your ministry get focused, equipped and mentored to see the least, last and lost reached with the Gospel of Jesus. Experienced trainers and mentors are available associated with existing Disciple Making Movements that have started.

Indo China – Philippines

Central Asia

East Asia
Frontier Missions Center (FMC) East Asia exists to help network, bring resources and support to teams and individuals reaching the least, last and lost. We can help connect outreach teams to teams on the ground, as well as help those on the ground with resources, training, coaching and member care—whatever is needed to help keep you healthy and successfully moving forward!

South Asia
South Asia is one of the most populous areas in the world. It is home to 1.65 billion people with unparalleled diversity in cultures, languages, religions and physical geography. Every person in South Asia is precious to God. Sadly, most of them have no idea that that the Father grieves their separation from Him, and He desires that none should perish (2 Peter 3:19).

Pacific Ocean nations

For any partnering in disciple making with YWAM FM in Africa contact Nick using the contact form below to connect you with the local people in the region where you want to work.

Europe, Middle East, and North Africa
Europe FM leader Rhonda A.
M.E. FM leader Abner D.
N.A. FM point person Herman B.

FM point person North America (Von H.)
FB Messenger Group: FM North America Circle
FM area leader Central America (Douglas J.)
FM area leader Caribbean (Marion J.)
FM area leader Northern South America (Kristina B.)
FM area leader Southern cone of South America (Carolina J.)
FM area leader Brazil (Cleonice da Silva)

Website: www.globalmedia4movements.com
Equipping national believers to create and multiply their own indigenous media. Our M4M coalition teams include skilled media workers ready to serve movement leaders and emerging fellowships with appropriate media and technology to enhance and accelerate their ministry among unreached peoples. We want to discover what media and technology movement leaders are already using and what they might like to be developed to serve their movement dynamics.

Website: www.multipliers.info
From zero to thousands. Multipliers run Harvest Multiplication Training (HMT). HMT trainers can come to your location, or online, to equip and mentor to develop movement-making practices in the field. The website has many free resources. We work with the Lord to launch movements of multiplying disciples of Jesus among the most unreached. www.multipliers.info

Member Care
Website: https://www.ywammembercare.net/
Member Care is doing whatever it takes to ensure that YWAM staff feels cared for and supported. Our desire is to continue to equip, empower and prepare workers for effective ministry.

God Story DTS
The God Story DTS is Chronological, Oral, Reproducible. Memory of stories containing essential biblical DTS truths means graduates are well equipped to produces disciples who can disciple others. The whole of the classroom experience is set in a simple church format. The vision of seeing Disciple Making Movements (church planting) are at the heart of this DTS. The God Story DTS was created in partnership between YWAM Frontier Missions, the International Discipleship Training School Center, and The University of the Nations.

Prophetic Intercession
Let’s see prophetic intercession teams be started in every FM region in order to:

  • Be tuned into what God wants to do now and in the future.
  • Come alongside FM leaders with prophetic words and prophetic intercession.
  • Train people how to be prophetic intercessors.
  • Be alert to the schemes of the evil one with responsive prayer.
  • Intercede into difficult, urgent or strategically important situations.

Interceding prophetically means that we have tuned into the will of God and have heard from Him about His will.

Muslim World
The Muslim World draws together those working among Muslims anywhere in the world for fellowship, sharing fruitful practices, and mobilising the body of Christ towards effective ministry among Muslims.

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