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Multiplying Disciples Among the Least, Last, and Lost

mongolian missionaries

Once A Mission Field Now the #1 Missionary-Sending Country in the World

With astonishment, I look at how the life-changing gospel spreads across Mongolia–and beyond. I pause to look back. How grateful I feel, remembering my own early experiences: One night in the 1980s, our YWAM staff listened intently to stories from a scouting trip. It was to the mysterious land of Mongolia.  The team had recently returned …

partnership in movements

An Astonishing Movement Launches Through a Partnership

About ten years ago, YWAM Frontier Missions (YWAM-FM) entered into a partnership with a group of Baptist churches. The aim was to reach a Muslim people group in South Asia. YWAM already had a team on the ground who regularly invested in a few MBBs (Muslim Background Believers.) They gave simple training and coaching using …

trusting new believers

It’s Not Us…It’s Mr. G!

Miracles come alive daily in Disciple-Making Movements (DMMs) and Church Planting Movements (CPMs) among the unreached. Mr. G’s story is an encouraging report of how YWAM-FM engages in spreading the Gospel in needy communities. This story gives step-by-step details of how to develop and multiply leaders in a DMM. It starts with trusting new believers …

training leaders

In Training Leaders, Every Believer Is a Priest

Here is the story of an inspiring couple. These two were driven by love for the Lord and compassion for those without eternal hope. They were faithful. They were obedient. And through them, the Holy Spirit began one of YWAM Frontier Mission’s earliest  Disciple-Making Movements (DMMs)! The husband writes: “My wife and I did our …

Disciple-Making Movement in Africa

Going Down the Road Feeling Glad

Starting a Disciple-Making Movement (DMM) is by no means a trivial task. When God begins to move in amazing ways to multiply disciples, we stand in awe. As hundreds and even thousands of people come into God’s Kingdom, it is a supernatural work of God. YWAM staff have been working to start a Disciple-Making Movement …