It’s Not Us…It’s Mr. G!

trusting new believers

It’s Not Us…It’s Mr. G!

Miracles come alive daily in Disciple-Making Movements (DMMs) and Church Planting Movements (CPMs) among the unreached. Mr. G’s story is an encouraging report of how YWAM-FM engages in spreading the Gospel in needy communities. This story gives step-by-step details of how to develop and multiply leaders in a DMM. It starts with trusting new believers to lead.

Offer to Study the Bible Accepted

A small team made up of two guys, Dan and Kevin, set out to share the gospel in a needy community. During their mission, they met Mr. & Mrs. G who welcomed them into their home. The G’s accepted their offer to learn from the Bible together. The group read their first story from Genesis.

The G’s understood the simple questions asked and quickly answered them. Dan and Kevin prayed briefly at the end of the conversation. They then asked, “Would you like to meet again?” Mr. & Mrs. G shared how much they enjoyed the short visit and invited them to return.

By the fourth visit and lesson, the G’s were beginning to understand the good news. The perfect plan of God was clear! Mr. G asked if it would be okay to invite some of their relatives to be a part of the Bible study. He explained, “We’ve been telling them about these studies, and they are interested too.”

Filled with joy, Dan and Kevin tried their best to contain their excitement. They answered calmly, “Yes, that would be wonderful! But let’s do it this way. Rather than us leading the discussion, you, Mr. G, can do it.”

The New Leader of the Group

Mr. G was surprised to be asked. His answer was, “Me? I wouldn’t know how!” The opportunity and timing were perfect for developing him as a new group leader.

They explained to Mr. G, how easy it would be. They described the process simply. “You can use the story we started with,” they explained. “After the story, ask the questions and let others answer.”

Continuing to describe the process they said, “At the end, close with a simple prayer.” At this point, Mr. G was listening, but a little reluctant. They assured him that if he needed help, they were there for him. He would do fine. Mr. G reluctantly agreed to try to lead this once. What he did not know yet, was that Dan and Kevin wanted him, not them, to become the leader of the new group.

Exploring God’s Word

On their fifth visit, Mrs. G opened the door. They walked in, sat down and counted 17 people! Mr. G effectively led the group in exploring God’s Word. He followed the simple plan and model he had learned during the previous four visits.

Not many days later, Mr. and Mrs. G formally received Jesus. The small team of two had the honor of baptizing them. Eventually, more family members believed. Over time, the teaching shifted to topics on obeying the commands of Jesus. Soon, a house church was fully functioning in the G’s home.

Lessons Sparked Dialogue and Application

The experience was rewarding for Dan and Kevin. They thanked George Patterson, who was discipling them. They had applied what George had taught. It was easy when presenting the message of Jesus Christ in a simple way all people could understand and pass on.

The house group learned and grew in knowledge and obedience. The simple lessons sparked dialogue and personal application of truth. They were also easy to teach to others. Mr. G grew in leadership skill, and so did others. The use of this simple approach allowed Mr. G’s brother-in-law to become a leader too. He eventually became the lead elder of the fellowship.

Starting a Disciple-Making Movement

Making disciples happens easily when the gospel is presented in a way people understand. Out of a simple process, new leaders are quickly raised up and trained. George’s training was the model used in Mr. G’s story. He used this model to start a whole Disciple-Making Movement. Leaders were multiplied, and multiplying house churches began.

More needy communities wait for the gospel message. Mr. G’s story is exciting, but there’s more work to be done!

Has this story sparked your passion to be involved? Can you see yourself forming a small team to start a Disciple-Making Movement?

· Please pray for more laborers in the harvest field

· Pray for the new generation to be raised up as disciple-makers in needy communities

· Pray for George Patterson’s training model to continue to be used effectively among the unreached

· Check out this great resource: Discovery Bible Studies developed by David Watson


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