Author: C. Anderson

Multiplying Disciples Among the Least, Last, and Lost

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A Desperate Family and a Terrible Curse

Tragedy struck this family again and again. Being low caste, their lives were already hard. This situation, however, was unusual. Over a period of five years, three of their children died. It was the same case every year. The oldest was a daughter. She suddenly fainted, went limp, and died within a few days. The …


An Ear Opened and Heart Touched – Miracles in the Mountains

A South Asian church planter helped start a large movement in one location. Recently, his family moved to a new area. He wanted to pioneer there. It was difficult to go from having many believers to zero. His heart burned with a passion to reach the unreached though, so he and his family stepped out …

true father

From Four Fathers to Discovery of the One True Father

God calls the broken, wounded, and hopeless. He says, “Come to me. Know my love. I have a plan for you!” He transforms and heals us, then makes us a blessing to the nations. I recently heard the story of a YWAMer whose life was radically changed. She now pursues a calling to the Muslims …


How Grandpa Opened His Village to God’s Amazing Love

Do you ever wonder if you are worthy to be used by God in a big way? Perhaps you think that you don’t have enough money or education for God to use someone like you. God delights in using people who the world thinks are weak, to do His incredible Kingdom work! God spoke to …


When God Sets You Up on an Airplane

For those who live in very restricted environments, it can be difficult to evangelize. God sometimes gives us a gift – a few hours with a captive audience! This story is told by a YWAM Frontier Missions worker from a restricted access country. They prefer to remain anonymous. Three Gods? “A few years ago, I …

wizards and witchcraft

Wizards, Witchcraft and a Church Planting Team

Assafo is a small Baoulé village located in the Ivory Coast. According to the history of that area, when the queen of the Baoulé people group died, she was buried there. During the queen’s burial ceremony Assafo played a special role. It was one of the villages that gave their sons and daughters to be …


Woman Raised From the Dead and a New Movement Launched

A young Indian man and his wife felt called by God to pioneer. They wanted to take the gospel to an unreached city with few churches. Being sent and commissioned by their YWAM leader, they took a step of faith and moved to the new city. For six months, they worked to build relationships with …

movement in South India

When Bold Pioneering and Obedience Leads to a Movement

Twenty-five years ago, a passionate young Indian man attended a YWAM Discipleship Training School (DTS). His name was Ezekiel.* He was from a Hindu background and had a heart to reach his own people. Shortly after the DTS he decided to do a School of Evangelism (SOE) as well. His heart burned with a desire …

kindergarten Christmas

God Opens Amazing Doors in a Resistant Community

This exciting story was told to me by a YWAM Frontier Missions trainer from South Asia. “We were living in an Islamic community. I had put my son in a school run by a Muslim lady. Every day I did prayer walks in that area of my city, asking God to work among the unreached …

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