Going Down the Road Feeling Glad

Disciple-Making Movement in Africa

Going Down the Road Feeling Glad

Starting a Disciple-Making Movement (DMM) is by no means a trivial task. When God begins to move in amazing ways to multiply disciples, we stand in awe. As hundreds and even thousands of people come into God’s Kingdom, it is a supernatural work of God. YWAM staff have been working to start a Disciple-Making Movement in Africa and other places for a long time. In the last few years, there has been an exciting and dramatic increase in the fruit of their labors.

Return to the Villages

Riding down the dusty dirt road in Southern Africa, he was filled with awe. This YWAMer took note of village after village. Most were familiar. He was glad to be back, although the visit was brief. His purpose was to train new workers for the expanding movement.

He recalled the early days. His young family and YWAM teams from other parts of Africa pioneered there. He fondly remembered being down this road many times. Memories sprang up. “How sad I felt the first time I recognized that there were no churches and no believers in these villages. Now I am so encouraged!” This Muslim tribe that was previously unreached was now experiencing a DMM! A Disciple-Making Movement in Africa was truly happening!

His reflections continued. He remembered praying that the Lord of the harvest would one day send workers into the harvest. At that time, he had imagined more workers like himself. He thought they would come from distant lands and very different cultures. They would bring the good news of the Kingdom of God to these unreached people.

But today, with wonder and gratitude, he looked upon these villages. He had new eyes and was filled with hope. Now, each village had vibrant disciples of Jesus and healthy fellowships. The miracles and wonder of how it happened were beyond what he could have imagined.

Local Disciples Brought Rapid Growth

It was not foreign missionaries who brought the gospel. It was local people who had become obedient disciples of Jesus. This filled his heart with joy. Powerful testimonies of God’s transforming power were their own. They are the ones telling Bible stories to those who had never heard. They’re the disciple-makers who are making new disciple-makers. They start fellowships that start new fellowships. The harvest was indeed visible and growing!

This worker’s vision is coming true, but there is more work to be done. Many unreached peoples wait to hear in surrounding areas. Will you join in what God is doing? Get involved!

– Pray for Disciple-Making Movements to spread beyond these villages.

– Ask God for resources to be generated within the movement, so locals can train locals.

– Pray for more YWAM training and trainers to be sent into this region.

Believe for more visible miracles. 

May many other visitors to these villages join this YWAMer in “goin’ down the road feeling glad!”


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  1. Great to read this story! May there be many more like Ben and many more movements!

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