Caribbean Lady With A Fearless Heart


Caribbean Lady With A Fearless Heart

What is your attitude toward the supernatural? Have you ever cooperated with God to cast out evil spirits? Or been part of setting people free from oppression?

One young woman had the faith and boldness to believe the Lord and His Word. When encountering evil, she was fearless. She did not shrink back.

The courageous young woman, *Mary, was from the island of Jamaica. She was asked to go to several Caribbean islands. This was not simply to share the Lord with those she met. She was also mobilizing young people to be active in sharing the gospel of Jesus too.

Keeping the Main Thing in Focus

When she arrived where??? It seemed that though they were serving in missions, the team was not looking outward. Many in their part of the Caribbean had not been discipled. Mary challenged the team. They had become comfortable and were enjoying fellowship with one another. They had nearly forgotten the lost. They had not kept their goals and calling in focus. Frankly, they were lazy.

A New Start

Those she spoke to realized what Mary said was true. They immediately repented of their lack of empathy for lost people around them. God had not called them simply to enjoy their fun community. He had a plan for each of them in His harvest field.

Where Few Would Go!

Soon after, the group contacted other local Christian youth. They invited them to go to a very challenging part of the Caribbean Islands. There they encountered unusual things they had never known before. These islands had a long history of evil practices.

Demonic manifestations were common. It was difficult for the group to know how to handle it. At first, they were frightened. In the night, they heard screams and shrieks of those who were under evil power.

A Disturbing Discovery

In time, they realized something. At first, the parents were delivered from the oppression of the evil one. But next, the evil spirits attached themselves to the children.

Together the team realized it was not going to be a simple matter. In fact, they were afraid. Mary, however, was not intimidated by evil spirits. She knew that the Lord was able to bring release to those who were under this ungodly influence.

She prayed fervently for those who were under the oppression. For some of the short-term team, it was too much to bear. Sadly, they left the area.

The long term workers did not leave. Like Mary, they knew God was powerful and holy enough, to deliver all who were oppressed. He would be able to bring release to those who were captives of the evil spirits. Soon all of the children were delivered from the oppression of the evil one.

More Challenges to Come

After these things took place, there was an earthquake. The YWAM team members found it difficult to face yet another trial. It seemed they were encountering challenge after challenge, test after test. In spite of these challenges, the team stood their ground.

The team had one more task to fulfill. They needed a place to stay long term. With a place to live and to meet as a team, they could focus on the Lord’s work.

Help From an Unlikely Source

Ironically, the person who came forward to help was a Hindu woman. She knew of a church building that could house them all. There was, after all, plenty of space in the basement. Gratefully the team receive this opportunity. The location was a good choice. With that resolved, the team could concentrate on their calling.

They were there for one purpose only. That purpose was reaching the lost with the love of Jesus.

As we have often said in our stories, “What about you?”
Here are some things you can do.

Pray for:

  • Those who work among people groups who practice other religious faiths
  • Those who work where they may feel threatened by others
  • Those who don’t have fellowship with other believers
  • Those who have young families
  • Those who have health conditions.

The Lord knows the challenges and longings of each one.

Perhaps you need His touch today as much as those workers did. Pray for yourself as well.

Have you ever encountered demonic oppression or attack? God can set you free!

*Not her real name


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