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Multiplying Disciples Among the Least, Last, and Lost

English Language School

A Powerful Way to Reach Strongly Religious Unreached Communities

There are creative ways to enter and serve communities where unreached peoples live. One team went to a remote community searching for answers. The Lord led them to start an English Language School (ELS). This provided an opportunity to lead many to faith in Christ. The result was indigenous disciple-makers who are now reaching their own …


Can Good Come From a Devastating Tsunami?

In 2011 Japan suffered a devastating tsunami triggered by a magnitude 9 “megathrust” earthquake.  It occurred off the coast near Tohoku. It was one of the most powerful earthquakes logged since they started recording them.  Shifting the earth on its axis, thousands died. Entire neighborhoods were no longer safe to live in because of radiation. …


Bold Response to a Desperate Cry for Help

In YWAM Frontier Missions, disciple-makers are experiencing unusual opportunities to share with new believers from unreached people groups. Punit’s story is incredible! It demonstrates one of the keys to seeing a successful Disciple-Making Movement (DMM). God Is the One Who Gives Life One day a servant of God named Punit received a voicemail on his …

Disciple-Making Movement in Africa

Going Down the Road Feeling Glad

Starting a Disciple-Making Movement (DMM) is by no means a trivial task. When God begins to move in amazing ways to multiply disciples, we stand in awe. As hundreds and even thousands of people come into God’s Kingdom, it is a supernatural work of God. YWAM staff have been working to start a Disciple-Making Movement …

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