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Multiplying Disciples Among the Least, Last, and Lost

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YWAM Frontier Missions

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  1. Howard says:


  2. Wagner Matias says:

    Thank you

  3. Peter Morris Lindsay F says:

    May God bless you

  4. Riphio Kyndait says:

    Thanks you

  5. Cindy Owino Maua says:

    God bless you Abundantly

    • Anil Nanda says:

      Greeting to you all in the precious name of our Lord.

      Dear Precious Sir/Ma’am,
      With due must respectfully…
      I would like to join in YWAM bridge. Therefore I humble request to learn “Disciple making” and serve the Lord through your leadership.
      I am ANIL NANDA born and brought up in christian family from childhood. I joint in the Sunday school, I accepted and obey the Lord in water baptism (03.01.2010),since the I am with the fellowship my local church. God has put me in the problem to fix it very wise. It is one thing to giving a man a fish charity but a whole now to fish. I always remember Jesus statement follow me and I will make you fishers of men.(Matthew.4:19).
      I am independent simple Evangelist for various reasons I am thinking of encouraging the village Evangelist directly instead of supporting few individual. As all of us understand that are thousand of unreached villages in India (Odisha). If we unite to gather to serve our Lord. Gospel testimony can be established in many villages. I hope that all small Assemblies and Evangelists will be happy to participate in “Disciple making” and preaching the salvation message to many perishing soul.
      Lord has gave me the vision for the “Childcare Ministry” and responsibility is to help poor people because many people don’t have enough food and clothes war, religion and different types of criminality so must of the poor people face these types of problems. So we should help could help at the hospital or buy medicines. If we help poor people God will help us. To see our world transformed into a world of oneness and the love of the Lord our God and our neighbor as our self.
      Let us joint together in this urgent task set before us by our savior Jesus Christ prayerfully and dedicate for the purpose.

      Your in His service
      PO/ BARDOL
      PIN/ 768038
      Whatsapp no.+91 7587736123

    • C. Anderson says:

      Dear Anil, kindly send this information and request to
      We will more easily be able to respond and interact with you via email rather than here in the comments. Blessings!

  6. Natasha says:

    Greetings everyone in the name of the living God. Hope your all doing well with God’s grace 🙏🙏🙏

  7. Thank you for this opportunity to reach to other.


    Thanks a lot.
    Blessings in Jesus’s name.

  9. Belford Marak says:

    Thank you!

    • I am passionate about mobilizing resources for God’s ministry.

      I yearn to transform leaders and saints to do the work of Ministry.

      My heart cry is to bring Hope to the lost and to make disciples of all Nations.

      I long to strengthen the young generation and vunerables people and families.

      I labour to mobilizer churches to create transformation in communities by good works.

      God’s servants

      Michael Grace Okello

    • C. Anderson says:

      That is great! So glad to connect with you! Looking forward to seeing you in the webinar!

  10. Rev.Christopher S.Maitipe says:

    Thank you God bless you

  11. Khaling Mocha says:

    Free webinar advertisements is so excellent

  12. Chigoziem says:

    Thanks for the great job you are doing.

  13. Nings says:

    Thanks God for your organization who love and hold His work for the glory of God. May God continue to bless those who have been working for his mission. Nings

  14. Ayoola ajayi says:

    Thank you

  15. Arpan Bali says:

    Wow! I am excited. Greetings from India

  16. Moses Saah says:

    Glory be to God for the inspiration

  17. Thank you for adding me on your platform

  18. I am ever ready to carry out the word of God to those who are hungry and thirsty for it

  19. Amara Alpha Vandi says:

    Thank you very much for such an opportunity.

  20. Fidelia says:

    Thank you very much ma

  21. Urbain says:

    Hello, I am happy to find you on net, my concern is to become also a disciple within the large family YWAM Frontier Missions , I live in Kinshasa in DRCongo , that may be the conditions to represent you or create a cell in this country shaken by wars and violence . I believe I speak of the word of God, so I remain at your disposal to integrate into the family. I speak French running.

    • C. Anderson says:

      Great to hear from you. Please join our free training coming up so we can begin to get to know you better. Go to to register. Blessings!

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