A Powerful Way to Reach Strongly Religious Unreached Communities

English Language School

A Powerful Way to Reach Strongly Religious Unreached Communities

There are creative ways to enter and serve communities where unreached peoples live. One team went to a remote community searching for answers. The Lord led them to start an English Language School (ELS). This provided an opportunity to lead many to faith in Christ. The result was indigenous disciple-makers who are now reaching their own community.

English is the most common second language taught in schools around the world. Most of the world wants to speak it. Offering English as a second language (ESL), can open doors into communities and lives. Otherwise, they might be closed to outsiders.

Not only does English meet people’s felt needs. When combined with intentional disciple-making efforts, it can transform people’s lives forever. They learn more than English, a lot more.

The Lost Son

“Today I will tell you a famous story about a lost son.” said Maria* as she started the lesson at the English Language School (ELS). She and her team had established the training in an unreached city. It was in the midst of an unreached people group.

As she told the story, Maria got to the point where the father sees his son in the distance approaching the house. She stopped the story and asked each student to decide what they thought the father would do as he saw his son.

“Now that you’ve come up with your own ending to the story, I will tell you the real ending.” Upon hearing how Jesus finished the story, the students sat astonished. There was silence. You could have heard a pin drop.

Next, she proceeded to teach the importance of forgiveness.

That is Not Like My Father

After class, one of the students asked to meet with Maria. As they sat together, he began to explain how the father in the story was so unlike his own father. He trusted his teacher enough to open up. He shared about the conflicts between his mother and father—as well as between him and his father. As he sat in tears, Maria stressed to him the need to forgive.

Teaching Kingdom principles and sharing the good news in the ELS happens all the time. Many of the students express how in this school they don’t only learn English. They also learn important truths about life. Some of them even say that they feel that “another spirit” comes into them as they study in the school. Students say that after joining the class they have started helping others. They have stopped lying and started believing in themselves.

Several graduates of the English course have been employed as teachers. The school staff has become very closely knit, like a family. They meet every week for Bible study. Through these studies, several of the staff members have come to faith.

English Language School

The students who have met the Lord have had their lives completely changed. A few of them were set free from evil spirits, and their testimonies are impacting many. New believers are praying fervently for their own family members, other staff and students in the ELS to come to faith. Some have brought friends, family members, and relatives to the Lord.

John Sees a Miracle

John* was a student in the ELS. He joined the Bible studies. Slowly he developed an interest in the Lord Jesus.

Some of the team prayed for people in the school, and he saw that they were healed. One day he went home to his village where his brother had a terrible tooth-ache. Even though John at this point didn’t fully know the Lord, he prayed to Jesus for his brother. He was instantly healed!

John explains that slowly the other gods he served became less important to him. The Lord Jesus became more and more important.

Even before John made a full commitment to follow Jesus alone, he created his first worship song to the Lord. It was in the local language and musical style.

Since believing he has written more than 20 beautiful worship songs! John’s love for worship and song writing brought a special anointing. A passion for leading worship when the new believers gather developed.

Fasting for Friends to Come to Faith

Recently John felt the Lord speaking to him about doing a 3-day fast. He wanted to pray for some of his friends to come to faith. He shared his plan about the fast with the others. Soon many of the believers committed to keep a fast and pray too.

The believers finished their 3-day fast. They had called out to God for their friends and family to know Him fully. How beautiful! It is easy to believe God will respond to these new believers. He will bless them with the fruit of more disciples and more fellowships. This will lead to further progress toward a Disciple-Making Movement (DMM).

The English Language School has a great reputation throughout the region. It continues to expand as new classes are being added. Along with this growth, the flow of ministry is also steadily increasing. How exciting to see this taking place in a staunchly religious community.

Many regions and people groups seem hard to access. But as we look for creative ways to serve their needs, God opens doors. For this team, He led them to start English training.

Where is God leading you to serve? He will be faithful to help you overcome the barriers that stand in your way. Find out more about how to get started in going to an unreached people group or place. Write us today or check out the training opportunities coming up!
*not actual name


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  1. The post are creative ways to enter and serve communities where unreached peoples live. Pray for Golog believers to grow spiritually and become strong in their faith.

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