A Desperate Soul Pleads for a Story

Western Europe

A Desperate Soul Pleads for a Story

Is it a safe assumption that everyone in Western Europe knows at least a little bit about who Jesus is? Here is a true story of one man who did not… but for some mysterious reason, he felt that he really should find out more!

Should I go in? Or should I not go in?

He stood outside the door, clearly unsure of himself. His troubled face reflected his inner turmoil. “Should I enter? Or is that a bad idea? Could I be putting myself in some kind of danger?

The man had walked from his home to a Christian coffee shop run by YWAMers in the North of France. From inside the shop, a worker, who was a woman, noticed him standing … hesitating. After some time the worker wondered if he was actually going to walk into the shop at all!

Can I help you?” she asked gently.

A Life-Changing Flyer

The man replied, “Someone gave me this a few days ago.” He pulled out a piece of paper from his pocket. The shop worker recognized the flyer. It was from her place of business, inviting members of the public to visit the coffee shop.

The man continued. “When I was given this, I put it in my pocket and forgot all about it. But this morning I pulled it out and felt I had to look at it again.

The heart knows what the head cannot understand!

Suddenly I felt a strong urge to come here. You know, I can’t explain it. But I believe that you have an important story to tell me.

His face was frowning. He knew that what he said made no sense at all. In his heart, he was trying to understand what on earth was happening to him!

Time for the cafe worker to ask God for discernment!

The lady working in the cafe looked at him with compassion. There also was a bit of curiosity. His appearance was not that of European ancestry. Rather, he appeared to be South Asian. Could he be Indian? Or Pakistani?

Neither did the woman in the shop have any way of knowing what story the man referred to. She earnestly hoped and prayed that the story was to be given by God.

She came right to the point. “Have you heard about Jesus and the cross?

No, I have never heard about that. What cross do you mean?

The woman was taken aback momentarily. Here they were in a European country, and this man had never had the opportunity to hear the name of Jesus. It was a shocking realization.

Well,” she began, “I do think that I have a story to tell you. Why don’t we sit down?”

The Most Beautiful Story

They sat down and ordered coffee. The woman began to tell the man the most important story that he would ever hear. Starting in Genesis, she explained God’s plan for creation. She continued through Jesus birth, life, and resurrection.

The man hung on her every word. When she had finished telling the story, his words were full of emotion.

This is the most beautiful story I have ever heard!”

Processing This Response

The worker asked him if he wanted to pray. The man replied honestly, “No, not yet. I am from India. Only one hour ago I had never heard of Jesus. I need to take time to digest this incredible story!” It was an understandable response.

We do not know for certain if the man came to faith. But certainly, Christ was pursuing him. His keen interest suggested that he would think carefully about what he had heard.

Ready to Share?

What about you? What would you do in that situation? Are you ready to tell the story of Jesus when you are asked about him? If not, there are some easy ways to learn to share His story.

Of course, not everyone will ask. In fact, there are many in our communities who will never ask. How could you awaken interest in them?

Sad injustice

It is surprising that many in Europe have no idea what genuine Christianity is. Generally there is freedom of religion. There are quite a few churches. Bibles are published and made available in many languages. Yet many have had no personal witness of the Gospel.

Remember what the man said to the woman who had told him the story of Christ: “That was the most beautiful story I have ever heard!”

Speaking of stories…

Are you interested to hear more reports of what God is doing amongst the unreached in Western Europe? Take a look at Cordula Dombrowsky’s “In Spite of Me… Learning to Hear and Obey God’s Voice.” Her stories will encourage and inspire you.

Don’t just read these stories. Consider how to apply them in your context. Who can you share God’s story with, in your part of the world?

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  1. Joseph says:

    God bless for the great work you are doing to transform the lives of many especially by account Jesus as Lord and savior of their lives.

    • Joseph says:

      When lost souls come to christ the Heaven is populated and hell is plundered.Let many accept christ as Lord and savior of their lives.I would be glad to meet you here in Africa..Kenya.You are welcome to visit our Ministry.Shalom.

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