Johann’s Story – Praying & Going

Praying & Going

Johann’s Story – Praying & Going

Praying and Going is a familiar YWAM-FM value. Over the years there have been many stories about God’s faithfulness. These kinds of stories have taken place in many regions across the globe. Johann’s* story gives an encouraging report on the power of Praying and Going to the Unreached.


“When He saw the crowds He had compassion on them…He said to His disciples, the harvest is great but the workers are few.” Matthew 9:36-37


God Spoke and Confirmed Clearly!

“My story goes as far back as being in India after my Disciple Training School (DTS) outreach. I then went to the Netherlands for my School of Frontier Missions (SOFM). I remember the challenge to seek God for a specific people group in India. What a summons!
“According to Joshua project, India has about 2,500 people groups. God spoke to me and confirmed without a doubt about a specific people group. The Yadav people group. My answer was bold: ‘I will go and do it!’ From that moment the Yadav people have been imprinted on my heart. I talk about them and pray for them. I also challenged others to reach out to this very neglected Mega unreached people group.
“In the first years of my calling, I traveled a lot in search of the Yadav. I stood out in many villages as the first white skin seen in this generation. I walked in the words and promises of the Lord. He brought me in touch with a small group of the first Yadav believers. Each experience was powerful and supernatural.

Yadav Family – Prayers Answered

“In a North Indian state, a Christian Yadav family was praying for 10 years. They prayed God would provide someone to help them reach out to their own people. In 2001, when I walked into their pharmacy, it was a great joy to meet them. We prayed together for God to extend His Kingdom among the Yadavs. This family was part of a traditional church in the neighborhood. That church had no interest at all to reach out to the millions who have never heard the name of Jesus. Our meeting was a great encouragement to them!

The Honeymooners – Ripe Fruit

“One day during my travels on a train, I felt the Lord’s conviction about love. I knew it was related to the people sitting opposite me. I could not speak their language well. Still, I learned that they were Yadav newlyweds, on their honeymoon.
“They were from a village with no Christian believers. There were no churches, Bibles, Christian schools, or anything that would teach them about God. I came to find out that for several years they desired to become Christians and did not know how. We prayed with them and later sent them a Bible.

Starting a Fellowship in the Village

“Two years passed before we found a Yadav pastor, the first known Yadav pastor in that part of India. He completed his studies and education in Bible school. He felt called to start a fellowship in that village of approximately 30,000 people. This group of believers began to meet. They are now requesting an excellent Christian school in their village.”
Johann can’t keep quiet about God’s plan for the Yadav! The Yadav are one of the largest unreached people groups of India, and perhaps the world. Will you get involved and join Johann in experiencing the power of Praying and Going among the Yadav? 
· Pray for more workers in the Yadav harvest field (Matthew 9:38).
· Pray for salvation for the Yadav people who have migrated to other regions.
· Ask the Lord how you can get involved in expanding YWAM outreach among the Yadavs.
*not his real name


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