A Multiplication Dream Among Africa’s Refugees

Africa's refugees

A Multiplication Dream Among Africa’s Refugees

The Book of Acts continues as disciples become disciple-makers around the world. God is moving powerfully. In one African refugee camp, it’s like a sequel to the Book of Acts. The gospel is spreading like wildfire!

From Timid to Bold

Matthew, a local believer, worked among African refugees suffering from trauma. Wanting to see greater hope and healing, he accepted an invitation to attend a YWAM Frontier Missions training called the HMT (Harvest Multiplication Training). It was a simple, biblical, training with many practical skills.

After the training, Matthew wondered what would happen when he returned to the camps and applied what he’d learned.

Passion Ignited!

“The people who sat in darkness have seen a great light. And for those who lived in the land where death casts its shadow, a light has shined.”

Matthew 4:16

During the HMT, Matthew’s call to make disciples was greatly strengthened. Passion was ignited within him as he learned from the Latin American trainer. Matthew’s understanding of the power of the gospel rose to a new level.

He learned for the first time, that by equipping a few others in the camp, together they could start a movement. They could reach many people even beyond the refugees. The hope and healing a few received could spread to many more.

Matthew had a problem. Though familiar with the gospel, he had never been able to share God’s word with boldness. After the HMT, everything changed! He learned simple methods of sharing His faith. He felt equipped and gained new confidence.

Pray – Worship- Celebrate

Sharing the gospel felt much easier to Matthew now. Wasting no time, he took what he learned and trained others to do the same. He began teaching refugees in his camp to simply apply the scriptures and move from evangelism to multiplication.

Going back he shared what he had learned with great passion. He presented the gospel, then invested time in the new disciples, patiently teaching them how to apply the scripture in their lives. He taught them to pray, worship and celebrate progress.

Within a few months, three vibrant groups of new disciples were formed. More and more people in the camps were worshipping Jesus.

Matthew describes the process of making disciples and starting a Disciple-Making Movement (DMM) in the refugee camps as a “powerful move of God.

The refugees were so hungry to learn God’s Word! Like New Testament believers, they met daily in the camps. Youth, women, and teachers excitedly studied the Bible together. Then, they shared the stories they learned with others. Something new and miraculous had clearly begun!


Matthew watched in awe as the disciples began to multiply before his eyes. What he had thought impossible, he now saw happening!

Beginning with the three groups of disciples started in the refugee camps, they began focusing on multiplying disciples and groups in a broader area. A deeper understanding of the meaning of discipleship swept through the camps and the atmosphere changed. The believers’ hearts were filled with joy as they shared the life and light of Jesus. His goodness was transforming their lives and community!

Freedom in the Holy Spirit

Many refugee families had been engaged in ancestral worship. As they started applying the scriptures they learned, they wholeheartedly committed to following only Christ. They prayed and worshipped Jesus openly and were set free from oppression.

They stopped praying and offering sacrifices to their ancestors. A beautiful thing was happening in the camps. Testifying, they celebrated the joy of their newfound salvation.

As Matthew watched in grateful awe, refugees from every corner were streaming into the Kingdom of God.

The Birth of a House Church

With one group, the power of the Holy Spirit was obvious. They gathered together daily to pray, learn the Word of God, and worship Jesus. They showed up every day of the week, applying all they had learned. They knew they were ready to form a church. Matthew helped them in this process.

They became a vibrant house church! The simple methods of studying God’s Word helped them gain confidence quickly. It wasn’t long before they were ready to lead unassisted by Matthew.

An atmosphere of celebration and progress grew in the camps. Women’s groups met every day for prayer. Teachers engaged with children, teaching them the Word of God, disciples were making disciples.

The Harvest is Ripe…

“There is such a big harvest of people to bring in. But there are only a few workers to help harvest them.”

Luke 10:2

This story out of Africa is amazing proof that Jesus’ reference to the harvest in Luke ten is true today.

Are you like Matthew was? Do you have a longing to make disciples but feel timid about evangelism? God can use you as He did this young man. Find out more about an upcoming Harvest Multiplication Training in your area. Become a disciple who makes disciples among the least, last and lost.

*Not his real name

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