Love on the Highways & Byways


Love on the Highways & Byways

The 21st Century is moving with amazing speed. Followers of Jesus are answering the call to make disciples of all nations. Yes, the Great Commission race is rapidly progressing. YWAM Frontier Missions and ministries worldwide are meeting practical needs in everyday lives. Jesus is the remedy!

Ashok’s story is about the Father’s love empowering the least, last and lost. It is about the Great Commission Finish Line of sharing God’s love and compassion with all people.

Disciple in the Making

Eighteen years ago Ashok ran away from home and lived on the streets. He was poverty-stricken and distressed. One day, a disciple of Jesus interrupted his two-years of life of homelessness. Everything changed!

The man introduced him to Jesus. Full of compassion, he helped him get placement in an orphanage. This became Ashok’s home – a disciple in the making. Ashok’s personal experience of suffering filled him with compassion and a strong sense of justice. He loved the Word of God. As he read his Bible, he connected with the truth he found there.

He believed the gospel and began to live it.

As Ashok got older, his faith in the gospel message grew. He began applying the Matthew 25:35 scripture, “For I was hungry, and you fed me. Thirsty, and you gave me a drink, a stranger and you invited me into your home.

His commitment to obeying the Great Commission started with finding street children. For him that was easy. The railroad stations were full of hurting, lost children. He enthusiastically shared the gospel and met their needs with simple, practical remedies. It wasn’t long before the orphanage filled up with hurting street kid whom he had brought in.

Urgency to Press Forward

Ashok soon recognized how great the need around him was. The highways in his state of India are filled with people going and coming. He knew God had called him to serve others. His eyes and heart connected not only with hurting children but people of all ages.

He began to form a team. He and the friends who soon joined him were not strangers to the streets. They committed themselves to see people transformed as they pressed forward with urgency. They brought hope to those on the highways and byways, meeting their needs through hands-on practical responses. The streets in that region of India began to see the great light of Christ’s love.

Empowering Villages and Individuals

“The people dwelling in darkness have seen a great light, and for those dwelling in the region and shadow of death, on them a light has dawned.”

Matthew 4:16

Over the last 10 years, beautiful testimonies have come out of this work. Many individuals in the villages have been visibly changed. Refugees in the region are experiencing the impact of miracles, and people in the slum areas have received loving care.

Cured and Experiencing Jesus

One of the stories Ashok told me was about an old man on the street who had wounds on his head. He had seventeen stitches there and was in great pain. No one offered help to him.

When Ashok met the man, he prayed to God for guidance and help. God was specific. “Go and treat his wounds, cleanse the injury and share the gospel with him.

Ashok was obedient and reached out to the old man. He took him to the orphanage for treatment. Within two weeks he was cured. The story didn’t end there. The old man met Jesus before he went back home to his village.

A Mission of Action

Through their simple but active efforts, suffering and injustice in Ashok’s area have decreased. Schools have started, medical camps been run, and clean water has been supplied through different projects.

Another story was about 45-year old *Adesh. A village man, he left his family after getting in a fight with his wife. Then he broke his leg. Adesh spent two months on the streets and in various hospitals.

A food distribution team came across him at a bus stop. After reaching out to him with food, they recognized his legs were filled with maggots! The team invited him to leave the streets and get care. He agreed to go for two weeks to the orphanage. Then he would leave. His story didn’t end there!

Pressing Forward with the Great Commission

Adesh spent an entire year in the home with Ashok. They cared for him, cleaned him up, and shared the gospel with Adesh. Slowly, he grew in his understanding of the Word of God. After a year, he went back to his village and was well received by his wife and two children. His wife saw the new creation he had become. Jesus became known there. Both Adesh and his wife later attended some Bible training. They are now sharing the gospel with others in their region. The Kingdom of God is multiplying!

Taking Compassion and Justice to the Finish Line

The region where Ashok works is currently experiencing extremely hot weather. People continually suffer sunstroke. The need for water and shelter is great.

“For I was hungry, and you fed me. Thirsty, and you gave me a drink. A stranger, and you invited me into your home.”

– Matt 25:35

The task of taking compassion and justice to all continues. Our work is not yet complete. The needs are great but the workers few.

Is God calling you to get involved with those who have so little? Who are in great need of compassion and justice? Sign up today for this Great Commission Finish Line using the form below. We’d love to send you some free materials to encourage and help you move forward.

*Not his real name


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