Healings and Hope in Dark Prisons and Refugee Camps


Healings and Hope in Dark Prisons and Refugee Camps

Traveling to Cambodia took many hours. I sat in economy class with my long legs pressed against the seat in front of me. When I showed up at the Multipliers Gathering and looked around at all the faces. I breathed in the air of contentment and thought to myself, “It was worth it. Thank You, Lord, for this privilege.”

From 6 Continents, 37 Nationalities

They came from six continents and 37 different nationalities. For me, it was a dream come true. In the early years of YWAM-Frontier Missions, most of us were from North America and Europe. We going to Latin America, Africa, and Asia. But in this place, at this time, Latin Americans, Africans, and Asians surrounded me. All of us committed to reaching those who have never heard the Good News.

We gathered to learn from one another how to make disciples among unreached peoples. And how to help them start transformational Disciple-Making Movements. Story after encouraging story came forth. We listened with amazement. God uses ordinary people like us when we step out and obey His voice.

Believing for Signs and Wonders

One morning I sat next to my Sudanese friend and fellow YWAM-FM coworker, Kris*. We had just heard stories from an Arab YWAMer telling us about his work in North Africa. How exciting to hear about the Muslim background young men he was discipling. They are going in faith and working to reach their people. The next session began. It focused upon believing God for “signs and wonders” like we see in the Book of Acts.

After some stories, the time came to help those of us desiring to see more healings when we pray for people. This was my desire. Over the previous few months, I’d been more active in asking people I meet if they’d like prayer. Not long ago I prayed for a man at the market who had been limping in pain. The Lord healed him—much to my delight (and surprise)!

I wanted to see more healings. When prayer gets answered, it makes it all the more easy to tell people about Jesus. I turned to Kris, sitting on my left and asked him to pray for me. He stretched out his hands toward me and asked me to place my hands in his. Kris’ black fingers wrapped around my white fingers and then began to pray.

I sort of felt, “How could Jesus not answer this prayer?” After we both said “Amen”, I asked Kris if God had used him much in praying for the sick and seeing miracles. Here’s what he told me:

Imprisoned for 50 Days

When I was imprisoned for fifty days in Sudan it was very dark….” I nearly interrupted Kris to say, “Wait. What? Back up.” But I resisted. Back to his story:

When I was imprisoned for fifty days in Sudan it was very dark. God gave me ability and strength I have never experienced before. I was constantly encouraging people. I prayed for guards and inmates if they were sick. We all had to drink dirty water with worms visible. The same water that was used for the toilet. Nothing happened to me, I stayed healthy. No doctors there. For the sick, it was either healing or death. Over a period of thirty-six days, I’d pray daily for everyone who asked. Two or three people a day, I prayed.

Kris then looked me in the eyes and continued, “All were healed!

What Kind of Magic?

“’What kind of magic is this?they would ask me. ‘It is Jesus (Isa) healing you, not me.I gained a good reputation with them all. Six people came to Jesus. One of them is an Imam.’”

Kris was grateful that God used him to heal the sick and lead people to Jesus. Not only that, he was grateful he could suffer for the Gospel. He told me, “Persecution comes for a good reason.

Suffering is common for people of Sudan and South Sudan. During the South Sudanese civil war, at least 50,000 people were killed. More than two million became refugees.

In the midst of darkness, light shines all the brighter. Kris told me another story of healing, deliverance, and salvation.

Last year, we had outreach to a refugee camp. Someone came to me saying a Muslim man, the only teacher in the camp, needed healing. I and my team went in. We met him. He was sitting along with his four wives. He could not stand. He could not use his legs.

The Lord told me that the problem was demonic, ‘That is why he cannot use his legs.’”

I told everyone there, ‘I will pray for him. He WILL get up. He will go around showing what Jesus can do.’ In obedience to the Holy Spirit, I commanded him, ‘Get up and walk.’

I did. He suddenly jumped up!

With shock in his eyes, the man told me, ‘It was like chains were wrapped around my legs. Now the chains are gone.’”

300 New Followers of Jesus

All his household came to Jesus. I heard later a church formed and over 300 are now followers of Jesus. This year we helped them to extend the building where the believers gather in the camp.

God led me to offer him prayer!” The Almighty One answered. Now there are hundreds of disciples.

Inspired by Kris, I’ve increased how often I offer to pray for people I meet. Most people respond favorably to my offer. It usually allows us to move into a spiritual conversation. In fact, it happened again yesterday. I’m looking forward to an opportunity today.

What about you? There are people in need all around. Jesus wants to touch their lives through us. Let’s stir up our faith in Jesus’ power to heal and set people free. Let’s be the people He can use in a prison, in a refugee camp, in a classroom, in a taxi, at a bus stop, at work, in line at the market. Anywhere, anytime with anyone.

*not his real name


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