God Responds to Prayer with a Supernatural Dream

Multiplying Disciples Among the Least, Last, and Lost


God Responds to Prayer with a Supernatural Dream

A church with a heart for the unreached took steps to pray and send. Then God worked miracles, and unreached people met Jesus.

Praying for a Muslim Tribe

This tale goes back as far as 1999-2001 when the home church of a YWAM Frontier Missions staff started praying for a people group. They felt led to intercede for a nomadic Muslim tribe in Africa.

The church prayed for the this people group in a specific way. They asked God to give this people group dreams. They believed these dreams would prepare them to receive future church planting teams. Preparations were made for a team to be sent to this tribe.

*Sope: A Special Woman of God

Fast forward a few years and meet a woman named Sope. She is an African woman from a Muslim background. She is described as “a special woman empowered by the Holy Spirit.”

For the last two years, she has been actively sharing the gospel. She goes out regularly with her younger brother, *Albade, into the bush. There, people ask them to come and share the gospel with them. They do!

Recently she told an amazing story to the YWAM Frontier Missions staff in her area.

A Dream of Two Women

One night, some years ago, she saw a dream. In the dream, there were two white women showing her a little book. Before this dream, she had never seen any white women up close. She had only seen them driving by, or attending their tribe’s cultural dances during the rainy season.

About 8-9 days after she saw the dream, her father became a follower of Jesus. He attended a Bible study run by *Dave, a man from the local church planting team. After that, her father no longer said his Muslim prayers.

Sope was about 20 to 25 years old at the time.

Interested, she went with her father to these studies. There she met *Rachel, a member of the team. She became close friends with her.

Over a period of three years, Rachel, a Westerner, lived in her area. She shared the gospel, discipled, and eventually baptized Sope. Then Rachel left. But another white woman named *Esther came. Sope and Esther’s friendship grew and Sope continued to learn a lot from her just as she had learned from Rachel.

The next year, most of the church planting team had to leave. Everyone departed except Dave and one other staff person. Sope decided to stay in contact with these men. As they got to know her, they were extremely impressed at how well she knew the Bible. She was so confident in talking about it!

A Story of Healing

One day, she told them about praying over her husband in the hospital. She prayed despite the doctor’s negative diagnosis. Her husband was healed! Through this, he too, became a believer in Jesus. A new disciple-making group among this Muslim people group began.

As the team considered her story, they were amazed at how God had worked. He responded to the prayers of a church group. Just as they had prayed, He had prepared Sope with a dream. God then sent Rachel and Esther, the two white women, to share the gospel.

The fruit of Sope’s life and her stories have been a strong confirmation of God’s faithfulness. He is a God who hears and answers prayer for the lost.

The team continues to work with Sope, helping her to do what God has called her to do among her own people.

Lives Transformed on Many Levels

In this story we see how God worked on many different levels, as He so often does. The lives of many people were transformed.

First, Sope and her father met Jesus.

Second, the lives of the church planters who went there were also changed. Their faith in God grew as they watched Him work.

Then, there was the church back home. They too experienced God in new ways as they interceded for an unreached people.

Working to release Disciple-Making Movements in unreached areas is a process. It has many steps. The first is to pray as the church did. The next is to go as in the team that they sent. Then God took the next step. He worked miracles, choosing His key people. We call them persons of peace. Sope was one of them.

Will You Pray and Go?

Do you feel overwhelmed with the task of starting DMMs in UPGs? When we walk step by step, partnering with God and each other, the impossible becomes possible!

What unreached people group is God calling you to pray for? Could you be instrumental in raising up a team to go to them?

*Names have been changed to protect the identity of these workers and believers.

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