From Four Fathers to Discovery of the One True Father

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From Four Fathers to Discovery of the One True Father

God calls the broken, wounded, and hopeless. He says, “Come to me. Know my love. I have a plan for you!” He transforms and heals us, then makes us a blessing to the nations. I recently heard the story of a YWAMer whose life was radically changed. She now pursues a calling to the Muslims in her nation. God is beginning to use this young woman to make new disciples among them.

This is her incredible story.

Four Different Fathers

Mary* has four siblings. Each one had a different father. She speaks kindly of her mother, though her mom didn’t follow God’s ways and lived an immoral lifestyle.

My mom was from a Christian city and family, but she didn’t live as a believer. Lots of different men came and went from our house. It wasn’t easy for us. Then, a day came when my mother repented. She decided to start truly following God.

Around that time, my older brother heard about YWAM’s Discipleship Training School and decided to attend it. After that, we could see it had changed him. He had such peace. We didn’t really understand much that had happened, but we saw a big difference in him. He started doing church planting in an island area, working with YWAM.


Mary continued her story. Sometime later, as if their lives were not hard enough, they found out their mother had breast cancer. This was scary for Mary and her siblings. She only had one parent in her life.

Mom didn’t want to go to the hospital. She didn’t have money and needed chemotherapy. The doctors sent her home. One month after she came home, she died. That was about nine years ago.

I was very angry with God. Why did he take my mother away? She was all we had.” Mary recounted.

Her older brother greatly helped the family at this time. He counseled her and the other siblings, helping them overcome their anger and resentment. He gave them hope. “Then, he suggested I do a Discipleship Training School…” Mary said.

When God miraculously provided the money for my airfare to go to DTS, I was amazed. God did many things in my life. I decided to do a second DTS to keep on learning and understanding more about God. My life was changing so much.

In my second DTS, God spoke to me about the Muslim people of my nation. I saw a vision of myself sitting in a class full of Muslim girls wearing their head coverings. I knew God was speaking to me to serve and love the Muslim people.

I asked God how I was to serve but there was no answer until after my DTS was finished. Then, my leader asked me if I would like to go to University to study. I had not been able to complete my education because of my mother’s death. I knew I should go, but not only to study. God wanted me to go as a missionary.

Finding a Ministry Partner

Mary knew God was directing her. She also knew she needed support – a team to be able to do what was in her heart.

I needed a friend to go with me. God provided her! He spoke to another person at the base and we decided to study management accounting at the Muslim university together. We would be missionaries there together.

They attended classes at the Muslim university and made many friends on campus. Not only did they receive an education, but they prayed for and shared with their fellow students.

An Open Heart

One girl, in particular, was very receptive and friendly. She invited us to her house. Her mother was especially open to us and liked us though they were strict Muslims. We often prayed with her in the name of Jesus and we were open with her about our faith in Christ.”

One day she came to us with a big problem. She really needed money for the fees for her graduation from the university. We encouraged her to pray for this in Jesus’ name. God answered her prayer! She was so excited and knew it was because of Him. We met with her in a restaurant on the same day and led her into a new relationship with Jesus.”

Mary continues to stay in contact with this girl. She and others at the base are praying for her family to also believe. Mary and other staff are also reaching out to Muslims in the area around the YWAM center. She is raising up and training others to share their faith with Muslims as she has.

Peace, Hope & Meaning

God completely changed this young woman’s life. Though she never had a father, her mother died from cancer, and she has gone through many difficulties, she found peace, hope, and meaning in her life. She received healing and is being used by God to help others find that same love she found. She has been blessed to be a blessing. “Healed to bring healing” is the testimony of Mary’s life.

Do you ever feel like your life and family are too messed up for God to use you? His healing is available. He has a plan and destiny for your life. God has chosen you to be a blessing to the nations. Reach out to Him and watch Him begin to do what you thought impossible.


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