At the Fair- Discipling Disciple-makers

discipling disciple-makers

At the Fair- Discipling Disciple-makers

“I was stirred with excitement as I listened to David’s update on a outreach at a New Age Fair in a Muslim country” wrote a YWAM Frontier Missions church planting coach. He knew from experience the power of what had just happened. New believers were stepping out and sharing their faith in unique ways. They were using methods that worked in their own context well.  The coach was excited to hear more of the story.  This could lead to a Disciple-Making Movement (DMM)!

New Believers Exercising Their Faith

As he continued, David’s story gathered momentum! He described how the guys he had discipled told him they were able to pray for around a hundred people at the fair. David said, “God touched them.” His wisdom as a disciple-maker was clear. He explained that he, the leader and trainer, only went inside the fairgrounds for a few minutes. David’s choice to stay in the background was wise. His absence allowed the new believers to exercise their faith confidently.

The new believers’ faith grew from this experience. As they shared with people at the fair, they discovered that Jesus could work through them. This was taking place without them depending on David.

God’s divine power was poured out. As people heard about Jesus, God’s power was in full force. They saw the demonstration of His power among their people. It was done in a way they could understand.

Transformed and No Longer Satisfied

David reported that two weeks later they planned another event. He encouraged the new believers to continue in confident faith. They could run the outreach themselves, and he would stay at home. They did! Their faith was growing strong, and their hopes were high. About ten people showed up for the outreach. They were expecting more, but David was still excited.

when they gave their report, the story of the ten lepers healed by Jesus was firmly imprinted in his mind. He compared the one leper returning to thank Jesus, to the ten coming back for the second event.

Bold Witness and Confidence Grows

David’s decision to train the local believers instead of doing it all himself is a key if he wants to see a Disciple-Making Movement of multiplying disciples. Transformation has taken place. The lives of the Muslim background couple he disciples are changed forever.  But perhaps more important, he has used a model of servant leadership from the background.  This model will lead them to also train others in the same way.  It has also led to their growing passion and ownership of the vision.

“Now”, David said, “they can’t help but tell everyone about Jesus wherever they go.” The husband told David he is no longer satisfied “wasting his time with small talk.” He is excited about the good news and can’t help but share it.

Pursuing More – Could History Be Made?

David’s good news continued as he spoke with the church planting coach. He is now encouraging home meetings with people who want to continue to learn. He said, “They are pursuing more.” David is not pushing anything. He wants them to take steps toward what they feel led to do.

David knows the potential of small beginnings. He sees the historical atmosphere where he works. The coach writes, “Paul and Silas saw only a hand-full of people come to faith in Philippi. This was the result of their pioneer work among the Philippians. However, the good news is, Lydia’s and the jailer’s household produced a great movement.”

Training and Releasing New Believers

Are you ever slow to believe in new disciples? Hesitant to send them out alone? David’s example is worth following. As we make disciples, believe in them. God chose them as He chose you!

Is there someone you could express your confidence in today? Someone who needs to be encouraged to step out? To believe God can use them to share the good news with others?


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