Bold Witness

Multiplying Disciples Among the Least, Last, and Lost

Bold Witness

One of our YWAM-FM team leaders tells us what it looks like when disciples make disciples…boldly! Here is a wonderful story of how new believers practiced being a bold witness in an unlikely setting!

Stories at a Wedding

A young believer from a Muslim background was with her new disciple at a wedding. (We’ll call the young believer, Sarai, and her new disciple, Fatima.) It was a very joyful occasion. Many traditions were observed, and there was an abudance of food.

Late in the day all of the women of the community, numbering about 80, were gathered together. It was a noisy, happy time, and the colorfully dressed ladies all enjoyed talking and laughing. Next, much to Sarai’s surprise, her new disciple stood up and called the women to attention! Fatima asked the women if they would like to hear a story about “somebody.” Naturally everyone guessed that she herself was the somebody! As people of their culture love stories, they agreed enthusiastically! She shared her testimony. Sarai sat silently praying for her friend throughout her talk.

At the end, all of the women loved the story! They pleaded for more, “Won’t you tell us another one?”

“Yes I will,” Fatima replied. “But I won’t do it today.  No… I will continue at the next wedding.”

You may think it was hesitation on her part, or that she was putting them off. You would be wrong. There are many weddings in this community, so within a few weeks they all met again.

Fatima shared another story, just as she had promised. This time her talk came with something more – an invitation to follow Jesus! Around eight of them responded positively, wanting Jesus to be in their lives!

The Next Step

The next step was to find a place to meet. The Lord helped them discover a kindergarten classroom that was available. That was where they would regularly gather to learn from the Scriptures in the months to come.

Some time later, there were more than 20 ladies that had become followers of Jesus. The Lord had given increase!

The team leader who had first discipled Sarai was amazed.

In wonder, she exclaimed, “As a team, we never told them that they should do this kind of thing at a wedding. In fact to be honest, we probably would have discouraged them from sharing with such a large group. But they went for it anyway. I am amazed at their boldness!” How interesting that the new believers were more confident to share than the church planter!

She went on to say, “Our team member who is discipling Sarai and Fatima certainly does have this kind of confidence. I believe her passion is rubbing off on them in a very good way! The Holy Spirit takes away fear and intimidation. If He is given complete control over any movement, I believe we can expect even more of this kind of boldness!”

Let’s Learn from New Believers

Is this what we normally expect from a new follower of Jesus? Probably not! We may even discourage people from sharing their faith until they have learned the “right methods.” Or we may tell them that they have to wait until they are “mature in their faith.”  And yet the gospels tell of those who told what Jesus had done for them.  Perhaps we can learn from those who are so full of gratitude for all the Lord has done. They can’t keep from telling about His goodness, love, and salvation!

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