A Truly Amazing Disciple-Maker You’ve Never Heard Of

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A Truly Amazing Disciple-Maker You’ve Never Heard Of

In the southeast of India there is a state called Andra Pradesh. It is located in the eastern part of the subcontinent. It is near the Indian states of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Telangana, and Odisha. As with most states of India, Christians in Andra Pradesh are a small minority.

A Tribal Man Hears and Believes

Not long ago, a man in a remote village in Andra Pradesh heard the Good News of Jesus and believed. He was from a remote tribe. Aryan*, the church planter who had shared the Gospel with him, followed up and taught him in the ways of the Lord.

Moshe*, the newly born again man, was a good student. Aryan trained him to share his testimony with his friends and family members.

Effective, Even Without Being Able to Read

Moshe is from the lower castes of India. He works as a daily laborer and is paid each day for the work that he does. Like so many other day laborers, he can neither read nor write.

In his community, he is not considered to be important. He cannot claim to have social standing, education, or wealth. Who thinks highly of a man like that? Moshe himself had little reason to believe he could make an impact in the world.

God saw Moshe’s potential, however. Thankfully, so did Aryan. He spoke into Moshe’s life and encouraged him in the ways of the Lord. Moshe was turning out to be an eager learner. Aryan soon realized that his time with Moshe was well spent.

Faith Comes by Hearing

Aryan discovered that there was an audio Bible available in their area. This was a great help. With the audio Bible, he was able to teach Moshe how to listen to the Word of God. Over time, it became clear that Moshe was a good learner.

Aryan planned simple questions specifically for Moshe. That way he could ensure that Moshe understood important principles. Moshe found more transforming lessons in every passage he had heard.

As time passed, Moshe grew in confidence. Needless to say, Aryan was proud of his disciple. He had made such great gains and learned the Word of God well.

Freely You Have Received

Thankfully, Moshe was not content to only learn God’s Word for his own personal, spiritual growth. He wanted to share it with his people as well.

To do that, he decided to invest his own money. He was eager to see other people reached with the Good News of Jesus.

Today, through Moshe’s ministry, four new churches have been planted. These were in four different villages. Truly Moshe has been a faithful and fruitful servant of the Lord.

More Skills

Aryan had much faith in Moshe. He brought him along to a new training course.

Training for Trainers, or T4T, is a course developed by an Asian-American man named Ying Kai. In Asia, he was surrounded by people who had no witness to the Good News. Ying Kai realized that it was not enough just to share the gospel with one person at a time. He needed to train a continually multiplying number of church planters. Millions of people, living in nearly every part of the globe, have benefited from those who learned the principals of T4T.

Needless to say, Moshe agreed to join this training. It was a good choice and made a great difference to Moshe’s ministry. After doing the training, he was able to see many come to the Lord and the churches he had started began to multiply.

No Ordinary Life

What would Moshe’s life have been like without the discipleship and training he received? He would still have been a good and faithful Christian. He would not be the powerful missionary that he is today. Truly his life and ministry became significantly more fruitful because of the investment of his coach and mentors.

Would you like to learn more about “Training for Trainers“? T4T has been highly effective in many nations.

The Lord will use those who are willing no matter who they are. He delights in using ordinary people!

Will you offer yourself to God to be trained as a disciple-maker?

*Names have been changed for the protection of those we write about.

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  1. Lisha says:

    This is amazing…
    I myself am from India, I am from Karnataka and my Husband from Hyderabad . We both are now settled at Bangalore.
    It is so astounding for me that how God uses his humble servants.

    May God have his grace upon each one of us

  2. Nkiru Okafor says:

    Glory to Jesus for what He has done in Moshe’s life and ministry
    Please I would like to know more about T4T


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