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3 Mullahs Meet Jesus

Our friend is a Muslim background believer. He has a vision for a Disciple-Making Movement in his nation. We’ll call him Paul*. Facebook Fruit? One of the ways he reaches people is through a Facebook page. One day, he met a man from the southern part of his country. First, he talked to through messenger, …

Now Drop Your Excuses and Spread Good News

Now Drop Your Excuses and Spread Good News

Sometimes we must tell ourselves: “Drop your excuses and spread Good News. Now.” I just heard an incredible story from a friend who does. A few minutes ago I talked to John*. We spoke face to face, even though it was about 9 am for me and 9 pm for him. Thanks to Skype with …

partnership in movements

An Astonishing Movement Launches Through a Partnership

About ten years ago, YWAM Frontier Missions (YWAM-FM) entered into a partnership with a group of Baptist churches. The aim was to reach a Muslim people group in South Asia. YWAM already had a team on the ground who regularly invested in a few MBBs (Muslim Background Believers.) They gave simple training and coaching using …

reaching Muslims

Reaching Muslims God Had Already Prepared: It Was Incredibly Easy!

This is an amazing story about an effective approach for reaching Muslims. A Phone Call Raises a Question Alfonzo received a phone call from Bert. He wanted advice for a short-term outreach team coming into the country. “What can this team do to touch hearts and reach Muslim people in our area?” As they talked, …

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