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Bible Storying

What Happens When the Word of God Bursts Into Angolan Hearts?

In 2011 The Word of God exploded across Angola through a Bible storying project. A couple named Daniel and Marcia from YWAM Angola were asked to supervise the 3-year initial process of getting God’s word into new languages. Stories of God’s Creation, Old Testament adventures, the life and mission of Jesus, and the hope of …

audio bibles

Powerful Disciple Makers Don’t Have to Be Literate

Long ago I dropped into a Christian bookstore in my country of residence, England. After wandering around the store, it occurred to me that there were many different English versions of the Bible. I couldnot even count them. They seemed too many! A Terrible Injustice “What about those who don’t have a Bible in their …

Oral Culture Peoples

Our Hidden Weapon for Changing Worldviews – A YWAM FM Story

If you could find a hidden weapon to defeat the enemy and release thousands into God’s Kingdom, you would want that right? I know I would! You may be surprised about what it is. It sounds so simple that even a child could use it. The Power of Stories for Oral Culture People The majority …

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