The Dynamic Ministry of Brazilian Mobilizers

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The Dynamic Ministry of Brazilian Mobilizers

Recently YWAM staff members in Brazil joined with other mission agencies to host a very special event. It was called “The Send Brazil“. Its aim was to see many more people answering God’s call to take the Good News of Jesus to those who have not yet heard..

Every believer has a part to play in God’s plan for the nations!

The Send called the young and the old, men and women. It was for new believers, as well as those who had known the Lord for many years. The call from The Send was for people from all kinds of backgrounds, classes, and professions.

What brought them together was one shared value. It was the desire to respond to God’s call to reach the unreached.

Mobilizers: God’s recruiters for His glory

According to Joshua Project*, around 7000 people groups have not heard of what Jesus has done for them. They may not even have had a chance to hear the Good News of Jesus at all. Or, they have only heard people speak about Him with no meaningful introduction.

That is why we need senders, also called mobilizers!

Missionary statesman Fred Markert gave us this definition of mobilization many years ago:

”Mobilization is the process of envisioning and educating God’s people about His strategic plans for the world.

And it’s the means of keeping them involved and moving forward until they find their specific place and role in world evangelization.”

He goes on to say:

“It is not just recruitment. It is a process of shifting people’s world views. It is helping them understand what God is doing in the world and what their place is IN that strategic plan.”

Another long time mobilizer, Bevin Ginder, adds:

“The message is simple. Everyone has a role that they can fill for the Kingdom!”

Any genuine believer can have a role in reaching the lost. In other words, we need to help believers realize the opportunities that they can have to reach the nations.

How did God lead YWAM Brazil to become part of this major event?

Long term YWAMer, Gilly Ferraz from Brazil, gives us some of the history of The Send:

“Ywamers based in Florida helped stage a similar event a year ago, alongside other organizations. This was a very effective mobilizing tool. Hearing God’s heart for the lost in these sessions, many committed to go to the nations!”

“There were actually a number of prophecies that preceded this. In fact, these began seven years before we finally ran the event!”

A world in transition

Cultures evolve over time. People are displaced by many events such as war and economics. We go to the nations. And the nations come to us. This is a growing global trend.

For example, in the past, we tended to talk about “going”. At that time we were normally suggesting that people change their location. This is still important in the extreme.

But things have changed. Migration, displacement, and war alter our world. And the need for refuge now brings people from all corners of the world to our neighborhoods. Perhaps, as we have failed to go to them, they have come to us!

South American fire

The Brazilians are known as passionate people. They are bold witnesses and will challenge themselves (and one another) to step out in faith. Because of the example of South Americans, many of us changed the way that we thought about missions.

YWAMer Gilly Ferraz was in charge of communicating between the leaders of YWAM and SEND Brazil. He says “We were very pleased that so many mission organizations got involved. Jim Stier, one of YWAM’s ‘founding fathers’, was one of the voices, challenging thousands of people of this generation to go.”

Challenging “The culture of personalities”

As in the world, well known Christian speakers can be regarded as some kind of celebrities. The organizers of the “The Send” both in America and in Brazil avoided this. They stressed that every believer has a part to play in God’s plan. The Lord will be pleased if they play that part to His glory!

After the event in Brazil, the JOCUM (YWAM Brazil) website was viewed by 9000 people! In addition, the staff set up call centers to help people get involved.

Pray for these amazing Brazilian missionaries. Worthy is the lamb to receive honor and glory!

Let us all be senders to the nations. We must send many, and send them well!


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