Multiplying Disciples Among the Least, Last, and Lost

How the Pandemic Kickstarts Breakthrough Growth

In June 2020, the COVID 19 pandemic was raging in many parts of the world. Severe lockdowns had come upon South Asia. This brought our disciple-making activities to an almost complete standstill. There were forty of us equipping people in skills for Disciple-Making Movements. What should we do? We discerned God leading us to make …


3 Mullahs Meet Jesus

Our friend is a Muslim background believer. He has a vision for a Disciple-Making Movement in his nation. We’ll call him Paul*. Facebook Fruit? One of the ways he reaches people is through a Facebook page. One day, he met a man from the southern part of his country. First, he talked to through messenger, …

african muslim

If We Want Our Disciples to Surpass Us, What Happens?

When fellow workers in the harvest tell their amazing stories, it captures my attention. That’s what happened during a YWAM gathering in Asia. Coworkers from many continents sat shoulder to shoulder. We listened carefully as the host interviewed our friend. Interviewer: How did you get started with Disciple-Making Movements? “My native country is mostly Muslim. …

andra pradesh

A Truly Amazing Disciple-Maker You’ve Never Heard Of

In the southeast of India there is a state called Andra Pradesh. It is located in the eastern part of the subcontinent. It is near the Indian states of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Telangana, and Odisha. As with most states of India, Christians in Andra Pradesh are a small minority. A Tribal Man Hears and Believes …


Caribbean Lady With A Fearless Heart

What is your attitude toward the supernatural? Have you ever cooperated with God to cast out evil spirits? Or been part of setting people free from oppression? One young woman had the faith and boldness to believe the Lord and His Word. When encountering evil, she was fearless. She did not shrink back. The courageous …

everyone not some

A Crazy Man Becomes a House Church Elder

We were running regular training around South Asia.  Many people attended, but some were serious about taking action to apply what was taught.  One such man was named Paresh*. In the training, he learned that we should share the gospel with everyone, not only some people.  You never know who God is going to touch.  …


Can God Use an Ordinary, Simple Man?

High in the Himalayan Mountains lives a man named Raj*. Many would call him an ordinary Nepali man. After Raj came to faith, he was discipled and trained by one of our YWAM South Asian church planters. He was also given a Bible. In time he grew as an obedient follower of Jesus. Everywhere he …


Could God Give the Gift of Literacy in a Miraculous Way?

Do you assume that everyone you meet is able to read? Many of us make that assumption. Yet in all parts of the world, there are people, even adults, who have never had the opportunity to learn to read. A Young Woman’s Hunger for the Word In one of the biggest slums of India there …

Movie making

Making a Movie that Sparks a Movement

A film team arrived in the outer villages of major city in India. There they searched for local actors and cultural advisors. Working together with the Banjara people they crafted a story, a script for a movie. In time, their film TRANSFORMATION would live up to its name—in ways they could not have imagined.  A strategically …

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