FM Focused DTS (Discipleship Training School)-Costa Rica

San José San Jose', Costa Rica

This course is offered in English and Spanish. The Groundbreakers DTS is specifically focused on reaching the unreached world, training up individuals to be sent to places where most are unwilling to go. In this school you will receive the knowledge and tools to be able to bring the hope of the gospel to where no one …

FM Focused DTS (Discipleship Training School)-Ilioilo, Philippines

Ilioilo , Philippines

The FM-DTS will cover the same curriculum required of a DTS, but there will be a strong input and focus on Discipleship and Missions; equipping students to become disciple makers to the last, the lost and the least. We are committed to help you to find your calling and gifts throughout the lecture phase and …

FM Focused DTS (Discipleship Training School)-San José, Costa Rica

San José San Jose', Costa Rica

FM Focused DTS (Discipleship Training School)- San Jose', Costa Rica This course is offered in Spanish, English, and Portuguese The School of Frontier Missions prepares you to go and make disciples in the unreached world, those places where there is limited access to the message of Christ. We strive to help you hear God for …