Author: Arlene Hoffman

Multiplying Disciples Among the Least, Last, and Lost


What Happens When a Mongol Refuses to Give Up on Her Dreams?

YWAM Frontier Missions staff are experiencing a ripening harvest among the unreached. Open doors are creating the opportunity to start churches and launch Disciple-Making Movements (DMMs) in unreached places. Freedom to Embrace Different Religions and Beliefs For 70 years, Geriel’s* country, Mongolia, was under Russian Communism. They were not allowed to believe in any religion. …


If God Can Open Uzbekistan to the Gospel, Why Not Other Places?

Obstacles can seem immovable when working to reach unreached people groups. YWAMers believe in the God-given vision of Revelation 7:9. As a result, YWAM-FM teams respond by praying and going. We want to see every nation, tribe, and people reached for Jesus. This story of how God opened an impossible door among Uzbeks brings these …

reaching Muslims

Reaching Muslims God Had Already Prepared: It Was Incredibly Easy!

This is an amazing story about an effective approach for reaching Muslims. A Phone Call Raises a Question Alfonzo received a phone call from Bert. He wanted advice for a short-term outreach team coming into the country. “What can this team do to touch hearts and reach Muslim people in our area?” As they talked, …

discipling disciple-makers

At the Fair- Discipling Disciple-makers

“I was stirred with excitement as I listened to David’s update on a outreach at a New Age Fair in a Muslim country” wrote a YWAM Frontier Missions church planting coach. He knew from experience the power of what had just happened. New believers were stepping out and sharing their faith in unique ways. They were …

trusting new believers

It’s Not Us…It’s Mr. G!

Miracles come alive daily in Disciple-Making Movements (DMMs) and Church Planting Movements (CPMs) among the unreached. Mr. G’s story is an encouraging report of how YWAM-FM engages in spreading the Gospel in needy communities. This story gives step-by-step details of how to develop and multiply leaders in a DMM. It starts with trusting new believers …

Praying & Going

Johann’s Story – Praying & Going

Praying and Going is a familiar YWAM-FM value. Over the years there have been many stories about God’s faithfulness. These kinds of stories have taken place in many regions across the globe. Johann’s* story gives an encouraging report on the power of Praying and Going to the Unreached.   “When He saw the crowds He …

Disciple-Making Movement in Africa

Going Down the Road Feeling Glad

Starting a Disciple-Making Movement (DMM) is by no means a trivial task. When God begins to move in amazing ways to multiply disciples, we stand in awe. As hundreds and even thousands of people come into God’s Kingdom, it is a supernatural work of God. YWAM staff have been working to start a Disciple-Making Movement …

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